Seabright's Story

We know that in 1907 Ingvar Goodman, an Icelandic immigrant, bought 112 acres that included part of the Seabright Farm site from an Arni Myrdal, and Ingvar built the house on the bluff that now stands abandoned just to the east of Seabright. In 1909 Ingvar sold 16 acres of the land to an Icelandic couple, Johannes Saemundsson & Linbjorg Olafsdottir. They lived in the house that has been restored and is now the Seabright Farmhouse.

During the 1980s, the Seabright Farm property was leased by a group who used it for community activities, at which time the “Seabright” name came into usage. More recently the land was acquired by the Orca Shores partnership, including Anders Kruus and long-time Point Roberts resident Wayne Knowles.

Vision for the future

Along with a dedicated team, Wayne and Anders and their partners have worked to bring to life the incredible potential of The Cottages at Seabright Farm. Rather than building a traditional subdivision, the team is pursuing a plan that respects the environment, the Point Roberts community and the land. Over 50% of the site will remain undeveloped and only 62 cottages will ever be built, with every home bordering environmentally-critical areas that preserve woodlands, marshes and ocean bluffs. Over 50% of the tree canopy will be preserved, affording relaxing public walking and horse trails winding under their boughs. And the land is being returned to some of its previous farming glory!