Seabright Farm's Garden Stories

There is a new and refreshing way to plan a community. Instead of cutting trees and pouring concrete, neighborhoods are being developed around farms or gardens. These communities are aptly named “agrihoods.”

The idea of a focused neighbourhood that is designed around a shared environmental resource – think parks or golf courses – is nothing new, but master planning residences around a food resource is a newer take on the idea. At Seabright we leave the planting to George, the man with two green thumbs.

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Meet George, Seabright Farm’s onsite gardening expert

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Gardening expert George Wright is Point Roberts’ very own locavore guru – at your doorstep.

George has practiced organic farming for over five decades, from the island of Maui to California and BC’s Slocan Valley. In all his travels, George claims that Point Roberts, “is the best gardening location I have ever lived in. It is a marine environment, so we have temperate winters. My kale and my brassicas (cabbages, broccoli, brussel sprouts) can thrive right through the winter months.”

Within a year or so of buying his own home in Point Roberts, George jumped right into the gardening community. After planting on every inch of space on his own property, he continued to cultivate, including assisting in the return of an ageing heritage farm to its former glory.

We are fortunate to have George as our Seabright resident and gardener. Within a short walk from your cottage, you can pick organically grown vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs! You will also have the opportunity to decorate your cottage with flowers picked right from our coastal gardens.

George plans to “garden by example.” Growing in the greenhouse and gardens will not only provide Seabright Farm with a local food source, it is also an opportunity for George to teach the neighbourhood about the importance of locally grown produce. “You can taste the difference between what comes from California and what comes from your own backyard. Taste a carrot or some peas grown here and it is like tasting candy.”

Ultimately, Seabright cottage owners will not only know where their food is grown, but how. And to boot George is master woodworker. He will always welcome a chat about a custom mantle for your fireplace!