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There are four public beaches on The Point: Maple Beach (in the NE), Monument Park (in the NW), Lighthouse Marine Park (in the SW) and Lily Point Marine Reserve (in the SE).  Maple Beach is the prime spot for swimmers, sunbathers, skim-boarders and certified sand-castle builders. In the summer, when the sand gets warm at low tide, the incoming water can heat up to between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius.

The rocky shore of Lily Point Beach is best for checking out the abundant marine life. Lighthouse Marine Park is good for watching the whales, while the boardwalk and newly planned fishing pier are the prime destination for the Fourth of July. Finally, Monument Beach is excellent for eagle watching.

Sailing and sail-boarding are Point Roberts’ favourites for good reason. Constant breezes will have you skimming the waves at maximum hull speed. If you are really adventuresome and have your own boat, you can set sail for the San Juan Islands (13 miles by sea) or the Canadian Gulf Islands (10 miles away). If you prefer something closer in, then kayaking, canoeing and beach skim-boarding are all excellent.

What to do?

  • Kayaking along the beaches
  • Sailing at sunset
  • Power boating to the Gulf and San Juan islands
  • Fishing for salmon off the Point
  • Swim in the planned pool or cool off in the ocean
  • Skim board at Maple Beach