A Design Vision for Seabright Farm

Point Roberts’ Traditional Homes

Point Roberts is Tsawwassen’s charming undiscovered neighbour, boasting miles of oceanside splendour and a myriad of lifestyle activities. The landscape, the community and the lifestyle make Point Roberts unique and compelling. Seabright Farm’s cottage neighbourhood is on a 62-acre oceanfront plateau on the south-west coast, a 35 km drive from the city of Vancouver.

Seabright Farms Cottages’ designer and visionary, Cal Srigley, planned the residential neighbourhood with the rustic character of Point Roberts in mind. Historically, Point Roberts was a farming community with many simple, well-proportioned and practical structures, common throughout the Pacific Northwest. Farm buildings were nestled in groups, forming picturesque clusters in the landscape. Simple materials, mainly wood with some stone, were the mainstays for construction. Porches, verandas and covered yards were common practical elements that suited the local weather.

The Summer Cottage

The “summer cottage” form was also prevalent in the area. These modest structures were built for simple pleasures and outdoor living. Sometimes colourful, these homes became the foundations of many family legacies. Over the years as Point Roberts grew as a summer destination, the cottages multiplied and became a dominant architectural form. A casual lifestyle of outdoor living is well supported by these small, modest and charming cottages, and is now a driving element of the vision for the Seabright Farm community.

In addition to the built context and cultural aspects, Point Roberts has a unique landscape that has influenced our designs. Ocean bluffs with long vistas, protected meadows and sun dappled woodlands characterize the community and especially our site. The weather is unusually temperate and pleasant for the Pacific Northwest, with abundant sun, long shadows, dappled forest light and a sense of endless sky.

Seabright Farm’s Design Vision

With all this in mind, our design vision incorporates both the human and natural elements. We have developed cottage plans that show their origins in farm buildings and summer cottages. The scale is modest and forms are grouped, rather than create oversized massing. Along with the incorporation of open-air features such as verandas and breezeways, the result is easily-accesible and fluid outdoor spaces for breezy casual living.

Structures are grouped together and create small enclosed yards around them.  Roads and paths are small and curved, and follow the natural landscape. This frees up much of the landscape and emulates the appearance of farm clusters, rather than sub-division lots.

The overall effect is that of a small rural settlement, with open land throughout. A casual elegance is seen in timeless details and the care of cherished spaces. The homes are picturesque and charming, yet simple and genuine in their detail and materials. And the clustering of structures, profusion of windows and breezeways, and smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor life pulls the landscape closer and encourages easy, carefree living.

— Calum Srigley | Placemaker

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