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Seabright Spotlight – The Mayne Cottage

Like many of our new cottage plans at Seabright Farm, the Mayne cottage shares its name with a nearby island in the Strait of Georgia (the others are named for islands in San Juans!). And like Mayne Island, this cottage is charming and cozy and perfect for those who value simplicity and comfort. Even though it’s designed to be an ideal vacation house, the Mayne promises to feel like “home”.

The cottage is a single-floor design with a large open-concept kitchen/living room/entry area, 2 bedrooms and 1 ½  bathrooms. The kitchen area features a breakfast bar and the main living space comes complete with a fireplace for that extra level of coziness. With a focus on a single floor oriented around a great room open space, the Mayne cottage is very accessible but still has plenty of functional space.

At Seabright Farm we embrace the natural beauty of the surrounding environment, and as in all our cottage plans the Mayne cottage allows you to transition smoothly between indoor and outdoor living. Two covered porches, in the front and in back, allow you to take in the sunshine, ocean vistas, fresh air and beautiful trees of Seabright Farm while still enjoying your privacy.

You can see the floorplan for the Mayne cottage or learn more about the different oceanfront home sites available and Seabright Farm.


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