Russian Giant Garlic

Finally, Russian Giant Garlic

For a long time we have awaited the arrival of the Russian Giant garlic at Seabright Farm. Eight months ago, Seabright’s Gardener, George Wright, mentioned in our blog that he was planting some of these seeds, along with several other garlic varieties, as part of his winter plan. Now the garlic varieties are ready to harvest! As shown in the photo above, it took a full day of harvesting to collect all this Russian Giant garlic alone, and there is still more to do!

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Geroge's greenhouse

Garden Stories: Planting Tips… Ready! Set! …Wait?!

March was a funny month – no longer Winter, not yet Spring, a time of changes.

Transitions are always tricky, but when it comes to planting, they can feel less like gardening and more like gambling. Fortunately, there are ways to improve the odds; remember that someone has gone through all of this before, and a little research can go a long way to seek out planting tips.

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June Seabright Farm Garden Update with George

Cottages at Seabright Farms Gardening Expert GeorgeWith over five decades of organic farming under his belt, it’s no surprise that George, Seabright Farm’s resident gardening expert, is able to make the gardens sing. Helping George along, June’s warm, sunny weather means that the Seabright Farm garden is already producing a wide variety of goodies including golden and purple cauliflower – whose mild flavour makes it a staple for summer tables.

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