Seabright Spotlight – The Mayne Cottage

Like many of our new cottage plans at Seabright Farm, the Mayne cottage shares its name with a nearby island in the Strait of Georgia (the others are named for islands in San Juans!). And like Mayne Island, this cottage is charming and cozy and perfect for those who value simplicity and comfort. Even though it’s designed to be an ideal vacation house, the Mayne promises to feel like “home”. Continue reading

Seabright Spotlight – The Gabriola Cottage

“Gabriola” is a Spanish word used to describe a stately home, such as a manor or mansion. It’s also one of the lovelier Canadian Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia. Our Gabriola cottage, a 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bathroom masterpiece, lives up to this lofty title with its luxurious master suite, covered outdoor deck and spacious living area. One of our larger cottages by square footage, the Gabriola is built to impress. Continue reading

Canadian Cottage Ownership at Seabright Farm

Despite the ups and downs of the Canadian dollar, or perhaps because of it, some Canadians are still looking for good long-term investments in the United States. Lifestyle assets such as cottages are often neglected in portfolio planning, but when thought of as family legacies and assets that deliver a stream of non-financial benefits too, then it starts making sense to look at a cottage as an investment, and to weigh the current cost against the expected long-term benefits. 

Continue reading