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Seabright’s New Garden Expansion

Why does George, Seabright’s resident gardening expert, refer to a pile of soil as his “mound of gold”? Because this soil, a special type he has used for the past six years, will be a critical part of Seabright Farm’s garden expansion.

The precious mound of dirt will be used in an additional 32 garden beds being built through this year, with 16 of them already completed this month. George’s EcoSoil garden-ready mix is certified organic; this is essential to protect integrity of the garden. With more beds to work with, it’s even more important to be able to ensure the quality of the soil-to-seeds-to-produce process.

George is a patient type and used to waiting for months before he can really get his hands in that soil. “I won’t be able to plant in these beds until the spring”, says George, “the soil is still cooking, which means composting. It is still warm.”

The new beds are the first step in a bigger expansion plan. “They will more than double our current capacity” says George, who looks forward to providing Seabright Farm residents both organically grown food and the experience of sharing a community resource. George is educating residents not just at the greenhouses and gardens, but also offers his knowledge and expertise to people to help them see what they can accomplish on their own piece of land. The Phelps, early residents of Seabright, have followed George’s lead and are already reaping the benefits of having their own garden bed.

The plan to expand Seabright Farm’s agricultural amenities starts with these new garden beds, but will also include fruit trees, plantings in the neighbourhood open spaces and a gazebo surrounded by vegetation or an “editable landscape”. With some extra space, George can visualize a planting house and office close to his garden. All of these builds are only possible with the hard-working Orca Shores Management team, led by Conor O’Neil, who are taking George’s vision and making it a reality.

In previous articles we have discussed the emerging trend of agrihoods, neighbourhoods built around a garden or other agricultural resource. We believe agrihoods aren’t just a passing fad, but will become a way of life that people will flock to. At Seabright Farm we are fortunate enough to have in George an incredibly capable guide to connect us with the earth and our food sources, and we look forward to the rich experiences of Seabright Farm’s evolving neighbourhood gardens.

Garden Expansion Plan

Above is the plan for additional plant beds (on the right) and a gazebo “editable landscape.”

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