Seabright Farm’s Pool: A Gathering Place

Seabright Farm’s Gathering Place

Imagine a hot summer day, relaxing down by the pool with cool drink and your favourite book. Jim from down the road is creating masterpieces at the wood-fired pizza oven in the picnic area and Sarah from next door just executed a flawless “slowly lower yourself into the hot tub” maneuver. Sounds pretty great, right?

We’re not just building cottages at Seabright, we’re building bonds between neighbours. And part of building a neighbourhood is building public spaces where people get together and enjoy themselves. Neighbours become friends at potlucks and movie nights, picnic pizza parties and pig roasts, over coffee or wine or cards, while chatting with George about what’s fresh and how to prepare it, and while swimming or sunning or spa-ing (we made that last word up). That’s why we’re planning a 25’ x 60’ heated pool, two hot tubs and a poolside patio, all located next to the playground, picnic lawn and Seabright Barn.

We’re building a neighbourhood at Seabright Farm. Contact us today to find out if you might want to be one of the neighbours.