The Seabright Farm Cottage Design Vision - The Cottages at Seabright Farm

The Seabright Farm Cottage Design Vision

The designer of Seabright Farm’s cottages, Calum Srigley, planned our residential neighbourhood and cottage designs with the site environment and Point Roberts’ historical character in mind.

With historical roots as a small farming and fishing community, Point Roberts’ cottages have traditionally been built with structures like verandas, decks and lookouts that are both aesthetically-pleasing and functional, and from simple locally-available materials like wood and stone.

The Seabright Farm cottage designs also take into account the neighbourhood’s distinctive geography and environment. Our community has three geographical “zones”: the Bluffs, the Meadows and the Woodlands. The Bluffs sit directly above the Gulf of Georgia, offering incredible ocean views and easy access to the beach. The Woodlands are the most sheltered zone, located in the shade of mature trees that provide privacy without restricting the view of the ocean, thanks to the site’s natural elevation. The Meadows are nestled an elevated distance back from the Bluffs and bordered at the back by protected wetlands, and feature wide-open sunny vistas of sky and sea. Seabright Farm’s various designs are all entirely appropriate in any of the three areas, but some designs have been developed with a specific zone’s features in mind.

The cottage design is only the first part of the puzzle. Once the papers are signed and the payments made, you get to the real fun part – decorating your cottage! You might be the type of person that already knows what colour & scent of soap you’re going to have in your bathroom, or maybe you’re excited to watch your cottage’s décor come together over time.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, our show homes are open for viewing, just contact us in advance. We’ve also included a few photos below to give you a taste of how we’ve decorated our show cottage and hopefully to inspire you as well!



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