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Next Door to Point Roberts

Visitors to Point Roberts often say that the peaceful, leafy streets, local beaches, and ocean vistas conjure up the same feelings of relaxation and escape as a jaunt over to any of the nearby Gulf or San Juan islands. It makes sense – both the tranquility of the landscape and the security of the nearby border make it easy for residents to forget the rest of the world, and simply enjoy the surroundings.

One advantage that the community does have over its island neighbors, however, is its proximity to all of the amenities available in nearby Tsawwassen (and there are many). In addition to the local stores and restaurants available in Point Roberts itself, more shopping, golfing, and dining options in a variety of cuisines are available just a minutes-long drive away in Tsawwassen.

For those looking to work on their golf swing, Tsawwassen also has plenty of courses to choose from. Beach Grove Golf Club is playable any season and can offer a challenging game, as well as a clubhouse perfect for events or just a drink with friends.

Down the road, Tsawwassen Springs offers beautiful surroundings and upscale amenities, and for those looking for a bite after wrapping up for the day, the dining room at the adjacent Pat Quinn’s is a convenient choice before heading home.

Local favourite Gracie’s Next Door serves up live music every Friday and Saturday night along with a roster of local craft beers, unique entrees, and vegan and gluten free options. Around the corner, Petra’s boasts tasty fare and some of the best coffee around, in a relaxed bistro environment.

If all of this sounds like a full day, there’s no need to worry about packing all that Tsawwassen has to offer in at once. Its proximity to Point Roberts means that residents and visitors can enjoy these spots, and many others, at their leisure, whenever they’re in a mood for a short hop across the border.

Tsawwassen boasts more than 40 other restaurants in addition to the ones we’ve mentioned above, from elevated pub fare and Thai, to delicious pizza and fresh sushi. Check out a complete listing of the community’s dining options — you’re sure to find your favourite cuisine.