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How Long Will it Take to Build My Cottage?

Building your own oceanfront cottage that is customized just for you is an exciting and rewarding process, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Your Cottage Timeline

From the moment we break ground to when you take the keys, our cottage construction process typically takes approximately nine months. This includes tree removal and utilities setup, as our lots are fully serviced. Keep in mind that there’s also work & time required before we break ground, including choosing and tweaking your cottage design, locating the cottage on your lot, picking design specifications, agreeing to a construction budget and the not-inconsiderable building permit approval process.

The construction process and budgets are staged to closely matching the numerous inspections throughout the building process. These inspections ensure that the home will meets the applicable codes on items such as the foundation, the plumbing, the electrical and the insulation, with a final inspection before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued to ensure all construction meets with safety standards. Following this last stage, you and the builder agree upon a punch-list of final details that need to be finished. Once the punch-list is completed and signed-off, construction is officially done and your cottage is ready for your furnishings and touches!

What are the Major Milestones?

For you, the soon-to-be cottage owner, there are some major milestones you’ll want to take note of:

  • Deciding on a design – we can work with you to decide which cottage design and home site best fits your needs.
  • Breaking ground – once we’ve secured the building permit and the plans and financing have been finalized, we’ll be able to break ground.
  • Starting construction – our builders will get to work on building your new cottage. All water, septic, electrical and internet services will be installed as part of the building process. The builders will handle all inspections throughout the construction process.
  • Interior Finishes – once your cottage can be safely secured (walls, doors and windows have been installed and can be locked), we’re able to install the insulation, drywall, lighting, appliances and other interior pieces. We include standard options within the budget and allowances are offered to let owners customize some of these interior options later.
  • Handover – after construction is completed, the county has granted a Certificate of Occupancy and you sign off on the punch-list, you’ll be ready to move in.

When Do You Need To Be On Site?

Our builders will provide you with regular updates on progress and contact you when they need a decision. Beyond this owners are often in contact with the builder to flesh out details about the plan, siting, finishes and specifications.

When Should You Start?

When you want your cottage to be ready will dictate when we should start building. Thanks to the moderate weather in Point Roberts, we can work year-round on all phases of the construction. While some parts of the process do require extensive groundwork, which is generally done on dry ground, these activities are commonly delayed only a few days due to weather and rarely affect the timeline.

Some more detailed and customized cottage plans can take longer to design and engineer and to complete. We have hand-out schematics to help you understand the timing of the entire construction process, please ask us for one!

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