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A Garden Update from George

Our resident gardener, George Wright, embodies the green spirit we’re growing here at Seabright. With abundant experience and a passion for planting, he runs the community garden that defines our agri-hood – a place where neighborhoods and agriculture come together.

As we move deeper into spring and creep up on summer, George has been hard at work, despite the odd weather we’ve been getting here in the Pacific Northwest.

Beans.  The packet label says “Sow seeds after danger of frost has past and soil and air temperatures have warmed.”

Right.  I haven’t had warm soil since last October.  Hmm.

Even with the benefit of a greenhouse, certain plants just don’t do well with constant overcast skies.  So, I bought a grow light to help things along.  It’s ok, but it’s still not the sun.  It hasn’t warmed the beds where I want to plant bush beans and squash.  Should I do a sun dance?  Call my senator and congressman/woman? Plant cool weather crops and hope for the best?  All of the above?

Anyone who doesn’t think global warming is a problem hasn’t been outside recently.  According to the best predictions, things are going to keep moving in the direction of more extreme weather, and if that means more rain, I’ll definitely have to adjust my timing and my varieties.

Gardening has always been tricky, but if the rules are changing we just have to pay close attention and go along.

Strange is the new normal.


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