Seabright Receives Final Plat - Cottage Construction Can Start - The Cottages at Seabright Farm

Seabright Receives Final Plat – Cottage Construction Can Start

It has been several years and many stages in the making, but on August 8th The Cottages at Seabright Farm received its Final Plat approved by Whatcom County, and the individual lots were recorded as separate legal parcels.

What does this mean to you, our potential neighbour-to-be?  Everything! 

This is a huge milestone for The Cottages at Seabright Farm. We are growing into the unique neighbourhood that we had envisioned. We can now close lot sales and pull cottage building permits. Quite a few lots are already reserved or contracted for immediate sale, and on those we will be able to move rapidly towards the start of cottage construction.

As with any venture as large and as bold as this, many people contributed time, energy and passion towards making this moment come true. The Orca Shores partners want to extend our thanks to all of the incredible Orca Shores Management team and all our valued business partners – of note the Compass Point, Gradeworks, Western Concepts, CORE Design and Golder teams, but also for special mention Joel, Mike, Ali, Simone, Pat, Calista – and the diligent & patient Whatcom County staff for their years of hard work, visionary planning, and perseverance.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future, but below are some common questions about Seabright Farms and our soon-to-be-built cottages. You can get answers to other common questions at the FAQs on our website:

Are Seabright’s lots fully serviced? Will we need to pay for any hookups or infrastructure?
Seabright Farm is pleased to offer fully serviced lots, with all required utilities and access delivered right to the lot entry. This includes water, septic, electrical and DSL-based internet service. Driveways, on-site septic system elements and any required storm water mitigation elements are installed once the house location is finalized, but fully paid for in your lot price.

Are there show homes available to tour?
Our previous permit status allowed us to complete a few cottages beforehand. We currently have several model homes near the bluff, and a private Deckhouse open for touring on the upper loop. If you’re interested in a tour, contact us today.

How long does a cottage take to build?
Construction begins once you’ve signed off on the plans and specifications and we obtain a building permit for your lot. Building times can vary depending on what your needs are, but most projects can be completed within six months.

What amenities can we expect at Seabright Farm?
We have planned a number of leisure and recreation areas for the neighbourhood, and over the next few months we will add a sports field, ball court, heated pool & spa area, picnic grounds and outdoor kitchen. We have already built out the community greenhouse & gardens, Farmhouse social centre, Barn-themed community hall, kids playground, outdoor fire pits, and bluff and forest paths.

We invite all of our Seabright friends to visit us again and start making plans for your cottage!  Our display homes are open Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 4 PM or anytime by appointment.

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