Seabright Farm Community Garden

Growing a Community Garden

In an agri-hood, the defining lines of neighborhood and agriculture merge. Instead of centering a community around buildings, the trend is to now provide a place for residents to congregate around nature, agriculture or gardens (Read more about this emerging trend).

At Seabright, our goal is to build a sense of belonging within our area. Our beautiful garden, maintained by our resident expert George, is central to our immediate community. People are encouraged to support our local community garden and even start their own gardens. George has written many great posts about growing vegetables in Seabright’s community garden, including articles on seasonal limitations and planting advice. These articles will continue to be featured on our website.

Aside from the sense of camaraderie that comes with a community garden, buying local or growing your own food benefits your health and your environment. When food travels a smaller distance to go from farm to plate, it means less pollution from vehicle emissions, gas, or other environmental threats. Growing your own food or buying local ensures fewer pesticides and other chemicals are used in the process. You can really taste the difference between fresh food and food that’s been transported from somewhere else.

As any gardener will tell you, gardening is a fun and rewarding activity. It’s easy to learn; you can choose what you’d like to grow; and when you’re done, you get to eat the final product! Once you start gardening, you’ll always be looking forward to what you can grow next.