Hockey Day in Point Roberts

Image credit: Sportsnet

This past Saturday, February 18th was an important day for our neighbors to the north: Hockey Day in Canada! At this annual celebration of Canada’s national winter sport, all seven Canadian NHL teams play nationally-televised games throughout the day (six of the teams play each other, and the seventh plays an American team.) Continue reading

Vancouver Empty House Tax

The price of housing in Vancouver has been making the news a lot recently. In a recent survey Vancouver was ranked one of the 5 most over-priced cities in the world. The city’s first response to the continually-rising home prices is the “foreign ownership tax” that was implemented earlier this year, which put a 15% tax on any purchases of Vancouver real estate by foreign buyers, and which the city hopes will slow home sales and bring down prices. Continue reading

Exploring the Waterways: Water’s Edge

Larry Pynn just has written in the Vancouver Sun about his exploration of the waterways from Point Roberts to Boundary Bay, where the international boundary is only a virtual representation of land divided. Pynn’s series, Water’s Edge, reports on the beauty of Point Roberts area. It also includes an update on the housing market and opportunities to own a little piece of heaven.

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A Slower Canadian Economy

Declining oil prices have hit not only the regional Albertan economy, but also Canada as a whole. Coupled with surging global interest in investing in the US, the resulting decline in the Canadian dollar’s exchange rate has been making a lot of news, recently dropping to a 10-year low of $1 CAD = $0.69 USD.

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