Contest results: the baby eagles have been named!

The baby eagles have been named!

In case you missed it, Seabright Farm has two new residents: a pair of baby eagles! A time-lapse of their hatching shows the two plucky eaglets emerging from their eggs while their doting mother keeps watch.

Now 4 weeks old, the two growing eagles will “fledged” – able to fly and leave the nest – when they reach 10-12 weeks old. In the meantime you can keep an eye on them with our community webcam. The images above (left) shows the babies at one week old and one month old (right).

To celebrate their arrival at Seabright Farm we held a community naming contest.  Entries were presented, with the contestants’ names removed, to our judges panel, the “Fantastic Four” Orca Shores Management staff.

We are now proud to announce that after a lot of discussion, the new names for the baby eagles have been selected! We received a number of creative, funny and interesting names, so before we reveal the winners, we’d like to note some special mention awards:

  • FunniestAnders & Wayne, aka two of the partners of Orca Shores, the owners of Seabright.
  • Most Noble – Zeus & Athena, two mighty names that might be better suited for a father-daughter pair.
  • Most Original – kven-Í_rn & karla-Í_rn, Icelandic names to honor the original settlers of Point Roberts. Apologies to who submitted these names, our email system couldn’t display the Icelandic runes used in these names.
  • Runner-up – Lily & Tyee, two of the more well-known place names in Point Roberts.

And finally, the winning names for Seabright’s two baby eagles are Johan and Olaf! Named for Johannes Saemundsson and Linbjorg Olafsdottir, an early 20th century Icelandic couple that lived in what is now the Seabright Coffeehouse, these names tie together Seabright’s storied past with the bright future.

Congratulations to the winner and to everyone who entered, we enjoyed reading all your original and hilarious entries.