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Looking Back on a Busy Year in Point Roberts

Despite all its small town charm, Point Roberts was far from sleepy in 2018. There were a number of landmarks and events to celebrate, both at Seabright Farm and throughout town. As we prepare for another busy year in 2019, let’s round up some of the highlights from the year that was:

Bald Eagle Golf Club Opens

The number of Tsawwassen peninsula golf courses was boosted by the re-opening of Point Roberts’ own golf club. Under new management and with a new name, Bald Eagle Golf Course welcomed golfers with refurbished links, updated facilities and a new Italian restaurant, adding variety to both the golfing and dining options available on the Point.

Grape tomatoes harvested at Seabright FarmKeeping It Local

The support for local and sustainable food remained strong in Point Roberts throughout 2018. In May, the town kicked off another successful Saturday Morning Market season, giving local vendors, food producers, and artisans the chance to connect with customers and share their work. Community gardens and other greening efforts were in the news, and this year marked another instalment of the Point’s garden tour, which highlighted a number of standout residential gardens–always a point of local pride–around town.

Arts & Activities on The Point

August marked the return of the Point Roberts Arts & Music Festival after a one-year hiatus, and locals were once again treated to a talented roster of artists in a beautiful venue. This year also saw improvements to a number of local amenities and attractions, including the opening of a new library and the refurbishment of the boardwalk at Lighthouse Marine Park, making that outdoor destination more accessible for the visitors who come year-round.

Seabright Farm

2018 was also a landmark year for the Cottages at Seabright Farm. As lot sales and cottage development progressed, the seaside community has continued to take shape.

Highlights for our residents were the completion of onsite amenities like a heated pool and hot tubs, enhanced by a sprawling recreation area with picnic and outdoor kitchen spaces. We look forward to sharing them with future residents as well.

To learn more about our community or book a tour, get in touch! We would love to show you around.

Point Roberts landscape

Next Door to Point Roberts

Visitors to Point Roberts often say that the peaceful, leafy streets, local beaches, and ocean vistas conjure up the same feelings of relaxation and escape as a jaunt over to any of the nearby Gulf or San Juan islands. It makes sense – both the tranquility of the landscape and the security of the nearby border make it easy for residents to forget the rest of the world, and simply enjoy the surroundings.

One advantage that the community does have over its island neighbors, however, is its proximity to all of the amenities available in nearby Tsawwassen (and there are many). In addition to the local stores and restaurants available in Point Roberts itself, more shopping, golfing, and dining options in a variety of cuisines are available just a minutes-long drive away in Tsawwassen.

For those looking to work on their golf swing, Tsawwassen also has plenty of courses to choose from. Beach Grove Golf Club is playable any season and can offer a challenging game, as well as a clubhouse perfect for events or just a drink with friends.

Down the road, Tsawwassen Springs offers beautiful surroundings and upscale amenities, and for those looking for a bite after wrapping up for the day, the dining room at the adjacent Pat Quinn’s is a convenient choice before heading home.

Local favourite Gracie’s Next Door serves up live music every Friday and Saturday night along with a roster of local craft beers, unique entrees, and vegan and gluten free options. Around the corner, Petra’s boasts tasty fare and some of the best coffee around, in a relaxed bistro environment.

If all of this sounds like a full day, there’s no need to worry about packing all that Tsawwassen has to offer in at once. Its proximity to Point Roberts means that residents and visitors can enjoy these spots, and many others, at their leisure, whenever they’re in a mood for a short hop across the border.

Tsawwassen boasts more than 40 other restaurants in addition to the ones we’ve mentioned above, from elevated pub fare and Thai, to delicious pizza and fresh sushi. Check out a complete listing of the community’s dining options — you’re sure to find your favourite cuisine.

Seabright’s Pool Will Be Your New Favorite Spot to Relax

Summer has finally arrived in our corner of the Pacific Northwest, and with it has come warm weather and blue skies. Seabright is no exception to that, and the Cottages’ residents are currently enjoying some balmy temperatures.

Luckily, the mercury’s rise has aligned almost perfectly with the construction of one of our most highly anticipated amenities. We’re very excited to announce that our community’s pool will open in late August 2018, and will offer plenty of features for residents to enjoy.

Located on a sunny spot at the heart of Seabright’s recreational area, the brand-new pool will be an oasis from the summer heat and the perfect spot to swim or lounge. Measuring 25 feet by 60 feet, it will be accompanied by two spas to wind down in (which are already open), as well as a patio area where visitors can relax or watch the play in the pool.

With the playground, picnic areas and barn nearby, the pool area will also be a great place to gather and socialize during the afternoon and into the evening. And, when the weather starts to cool down, the pool can be heated to extend the season, so Seabright’s residents can swim laps or take a short dip in the spring and fall as well.

How much cheaper are real estate taxes in Point Roberts, compared to Vancouver?

In recent months we have seen a number of new taxes implemented on Vancouver-area property, particularly for non-resident buyers. But these taxes don’t apply to real estate taxes in Point Roberts, which is rapidly gaining the benefits of a Monaco-like “tax haven”; being an easy 1 hour’s drive to the cosmopolitan center but with a significantly lower tax burden for its property owners.

To be specific:

  • If you are buying in Greater Vancouver there is a 5% Goods and Services Tax applied, which is a federal tax for new properties. No sales tax applies in Point Roberts.
  • There is also a Property Transfer Tax at 1.8% ($9,000) and an Additional Property Transfer Tax at 20% for foreign buyers (e.g. $100,000). Point Roberts only has an 1.78% excise tax, and that’s paid by the seller.
  • Vancouver also has an Empty Homes Tax (also known as a Vacancy Tax) at 1% for empty or under-utilized properties. And Vancouver also has a Speculation Tax at 2% for properties not owner-occupied or a qualifying long-term rental property. There are no such taxes in Point Roberts.  

All in all, the tax differences can add up to $149,000 difference on a $500,000 property.

The continued and rapid rise in real estate prices in Vancouver have indirectly supported property values in Point Roberts for a long time, and now the tax differentials add a direct boost.

Yet another great reason for Vancouverites, British Columbians, and Canadians in general to look into owning your second home in Point Roberts, Washington.

For Foreign Buyers to Purchase Residential Real Estate

  Greater Vancouver
British ColumbiaCanada
Point Roberts
Pre-Tax Price   $500,000   $500,000
Goods and Services Tax (GST)  5% $25,000 Not applicable $0
Property Transfer Tax (PTT) 1.8% $9,000 Not applicable $0
Additional Property Transfer Tax for Foreign Buyers (20% from Feb 21, 2018)  20% $100,000 Not applicable $0
Vacancy Tax  (Annual)  1% $5,000 Not applicable $0
Speculation Tax  (Annual) 2% $10,000 Not applicable $0
After-Tax Price   $649,000   $500,000

To keep up to date about the progress at The Cottages at Seabright Farm, register for our email newsletter or contact us to schedule a tour.

New Interactive Lot Map

There’s a lot of construction going on and the Seabright Farm neighbourhood is starting to fill out. To guide current and future residents, we’ve created a new Interactive Lot Map that shows which lots are currently available and which are sold.

Our lots can be characterized into three zones: the Meadows sit within the Seabright Farm Loop, the Woodlands is to the north, and the Bluff is to the south looking over the Strait of Georgia. In the south-east corner you’ll find the Seabright Farm community areas, including the greenhouse & gardens, pool & hot tubs, outdoor kitchen & picnic area, sports field, Farmhouse and other amenities.

Hover over each lot to see the price, square footage, a contact link and a short description of what you can expect from the property. Each lot also includes at least one recommended design from our cottage plans. These recommendations are based on the lot’s location, elevation and shape, and are meant to help you maximize your enjoyment of your property.

If you’re interested in owning your own cottage at Seabright Farm or you just want to more know about our lots and cottages, contact us today and our Seabright Farm team can help you decide what will work best for you and customize it to be the cottage of your dreams!

Interactive Lot Map

Dredging at the Point Roberts Marina

All photos credit All Point Bulletin

The community of Point Roberts is growing and improving every day. The latest news here at the Point is dredging 25,000 cubic yards at the marina to improve the boating experience. This marks a continued commitment by the marina’s owners to the development of Point Roberts as a top-tier recreation destination.

Below is the original article from the All Point Bulletin: Continue reading

North Cascade Park

North Cascades National Park

One of America’s most beautiful and diverse national parks is just a 2 ½ hour drive from Point Roberts – the perfect distance for a day trip or a weekend getaway. The North Cascades National Park is home to numerous lakes, rivers, creeks, mountains and beautiful hiking paths, making it popular for hiking and mountaineering. It offers a mix of easy, moderate and difficult trails and hikes, so it’s perfect for both the casual explorer and experienced hiker alike. Continue reading

Forest Fire Prevention Tips

Although he’s got an updated look, everyone still recognizes Smokey the Bear, the mascot of forest fire prevention for over 70 years. He may be old, but wildfires are  becoming a growing concern, especially here in the Pacific Northwest and interior BC. We are blessed with an abundance of forests and long, hot, dry summers; so we should all learn what we can about how to avoid contributing to the risks of a forest fire. Continue reading