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The Story of Our Name

Seabright Farm Cottages Gardening

The name “Cottages at Seabright Farm” is no accident. Farms have been a fixture on The Point since the 1800s. John Harris is thought to be the first permanent resident, arriving in 1873 to raise cattle. But the biggest influx of farmers arrived during the 1890s when a significant number of Icelandic descendants left Victoria in search of a better life on The Point. By 1904, they constituted about half of all Point Roberts residents. By that stage, there were 23 houses, two general stores, a hotel, a post office and of course a saloon.

Architectural designer Calum Srigley says the farmhouse form is common throughout the Pacific Northwest. A simple, honest and practical structure, it is an excellent theme for our development and urban farming. As a tribute to a bygone era, the developers have preserved a circa 1895 cottage near the bluffs. It, along with a community barn and gardens, will become a gathering place and a venue for everything from local art shows and cooking demonstrations to musical performances and neighbourhood potlucks.

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