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Our renowned designer and visionary, Cal Srigley from Vancouver, shares his thoughts on Seabright’s design philosophy:

“Historically, Point Roberts was a farming community with many simple, well-proportioned and practical structures common throughout the northwest.  Farm buildings were constructed of wood and stone and nestled in groups into the landscape.”

Later, the “summer cottage” became a hallmark of the area, multiplying and emerging as the dominant architectural form as Point Roberts became a vacation destination for Vancouverites. The cottages were built for simple pleasures and casual outdoor living.  Sometimes colourful and whimsical, these homes became the stuff of dreams and were passed on as family legacies.

In addition to the built context and culture of Point Roberts, there is the distinctive Point Roberts landscape that shapes our design vision: ocean bluffs with long vistas, protected meadows and fields, and sun-dappled woodlands.

Mindful of both the human and natural elements, we chose a design expression based on the original farm buildings and the later summer cottages.  We are keeping the scale modest and incorporating features such as verandas and breezeways that create outdoor space for casual living.

We propose to group houses together while allowing for private space around them, freeing up much of the landscape.  This design emulates the clustered farm dwellings rather than vast tracts of suburban lots.  Roads and paths are small and curving.  The overall effect is of a small, rural settlement that preserves the authentic landscape—the stunning meadows, woodlands, and bluffs.”

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Seabright Site Plan