Beachfront Homesites at Seabright Farm Cottages

The Bluff

The Bluff area offers an elemental environment, set on a treed and grassy plateau that will be a perfect location for cottage-owners seeking an uninterrupted view of ocean and islands. The lots are proposed to start no further than 75 feet from the boundary of the bluff. The planned trail and stairs will connect bluff owners directly to the beach below. Framing the bluff zone and the views from it are ancient gnarled maple, pine and Douglas firs, which will be excellent reference points for cottage siting. These lots will be spectacular in every way and have a lot of the same features of Beachfront property.

The Meadows

The sunny Meadows zone offer its own unique features. The preserved wetlands provides an optimum mix of privacy and enhanced view, with the cottages planned to be situated so as to take advantage of the natural incline in the farm’s topography. That, along with the planned broad view corridors of over 300 ft. between homes, means wide ocean and sky views with private rear yards.

The Woodlands

The woodlands zone is the most private, sheltered and quiet of the farm’s three regions. By retaining much of the mature second growth trees here when sculpting this area, the planned lots will provide substantial privacy between homes and from the riding and walking trails just behind. The deciduous trees, including aspens, dapple the summer light during the warmer months, while the evergreens provide a privacy screen in all seasons. The planned lots are sited at the highest elevations of the community, some 40 feet above the elevation of the bluffs, and cottages here can be planned with more generous height allowances than on the rest of Seabright Farm. As a result, even cottages nestled back here in the peaceful woodland can have access to spectacular views of the sky and ocean.